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Application for the comfortable transformation of psychodiagnostic scale values
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Oliver Twesten
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ScaleTrans is a Windows application for the comfortable transformation of psychodiagnostic scale values as well as for the appraisal of psychodiagnostic test scores. Most of the scales used at present in the psychological diagnostics (e.g. z-Scale, Z-Scale, C-Scale, Stanine Scale, T-Scale, School Grades, IQ Scores, Areas, Percentile Ranks, Deciles, Quartiles) are already pre-defined and firmly integrated into ScaleTrans.
-ScaleTrans supports both linear and area transformations. As a special case of area transformations, percentiles are treated particularly comfortable.
-ScaleTrans features the transformation based on areas of arbitrary empirical distributions into all scale types and vice versa. The empirical data can be imported from most statistical packages and table calculation programs as for example MS Excel, Minitab, SAS, SPSS or Statistica. Particularly optimized algorithms are applied for discrete and continuous distributions in each case. Thus ScaleTrans makes possible problem-free and methodically correct handling of anomalous-distributed scales.
-ScaleTrans makes possible the comfortable, accurate and fast conversion of separate values of any scale into all other scales. You only choose the reference scale and the reference value is transformed immediately into all available scale equivalents. Besides, the whole output can be copied at any time and be inserted in any table calculation or word processing application.
-New: ScaleTrans aids you in appraisal of psychodiagnostic test by allowing you to map raw test scores to standard scales like e.g. the z-Scale or the percentile rank.
The moment you computed the raw test score, knowing the corresponding values on all standard scales is at the tip of your fingers.
-ScaleTrans visualizes the value and accumulated area of the reference value in a normal distribution. The size of the graphic can individually be adapted proportionally or unproportionally; farther the graphic can be copied, stored and be inserted in any text or image processing application. This function is particularly useful with the creation of diagnostic findings or reports.
-ScaleTrans already pre-defined the most usual scales for you, so that you can start your work immediately in most cases.
-ScaleTrans is at pleasure extendable for hundreds of user-defined scales for which all functions of predefined scales are available. The production of own scales is structured clearly and requires no profound knowledge. Besides, predefined scales can serve as a basis for new, user-defined scales what essentially simplifies the process in a lot of cases.
-ScaleTrans comes with an integrated probability calculator for arbitrary normal distributions.
-Parameters of already created (user-) defined linear scales can be used.
-Both the area computations on the basis of a value (CDF-function; integration) and the valuation on the basis an area (inverse function) are supported.
-In addition, special options permit right-cumulated and two-tailed computations and inverted scales (e.g. school grades).
-The probability calculator has its own (hideable) visualization, which illustrates the values and the integrated areas intuitively. In addition this relieves not only the understanding of the computations, but also avoids misunderstandings with the interpretation of the results.
-This graphic can also be copied, stored and be inserted in any text or picture processing application. This function is particularly useful with the creation of diagnostic findings or reports or to illustrate the relations to nonprofessional persons.
-ScaleTrans revolutionizes the creation of conversion tables: Within seconds enormous conversion tables (with up to 1.000 scales and 100.000 lines) can be created upon the basis of any (also empirical and user-defined) reference scale. These tables can be problem-free inserted into statistic-, spreadsheet analysis or text processing applications for further processing.


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